We are a Non-Profit Organization

Sports For You, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of persons in the special needs community through a variety of sporting opportunities. Our vision goes beyond just basic sports. We encourage social development, athletes learning the details of each sport, family participation, lots of fun, leadership development and community participation in a variety of activities. We see our athletes as having gifts instead of limitations, incorporating any ability into a potential for expression and personal growth.

Favorite Phrases:

  • Love will find a way
  • Kindness is contagious
  • Quitting is not an option

Our Mission:

Our desire is to help special adults and children experience confidence and self- esteem afforded by learning a sporting skill and for them to feel that any accomplishment is an enormous success! We provide an environment of acceptance, despite physical, emotional, social or educational limitations. We encourage athletes to have fun, benefit from friendships and keep a team based attitude. Learning new skills is always an accomplishment, even if it takes a lot of repetition. Sports For You, Inc. promotes a positive attitude, patience and a smile on your face. For athletes who show an interest in leadership, opportunities are available for assistant coaching, management and mentoring. 


Our Goal:

Sports For You, Inc. seeks to grow a group of solid team members dedicated to turning this into a community of people who bring their own talents to the organization. Desiring to create opportunities for internship and valuable involvement especially among teens and young adults, our goal is to show many people how to use their lives, their talents, to help others.

We Won a Gold Medal!

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