Sports For You, Inc. has been formed by numerous individuals (mostly parents of developmentally delayed/disabled children), who are seeking activities for their kids (youth and adults) to have the social and physical maturation opportunities through team sports without the overwhelming cost of most sporting programs (we charge no fees) and in an environment of acceptance, despite physical, emotional, social or educational limitations. We encourage athletes to have fun, benefit from friendships and keep a team based attitude. Learning new skills is always an accomplishment, even if it takes a lot of repetition. Sports For You promotes a positive attitude, patience and a smile on your face. For athletes who show an interest in leadership, opportunities are available for assistant coaching, management and mentoring. We appreciate the opportunity to work with all athletes. We encourage feedback, suggestions and volunteers. 

Sherri Charek, Chairperson, Sports For You, Inc.

Professionally, Ms. Charek has worked over 10 years with handicapped adults as a director of three programs in the Boston area. She holds a Master of Health Professions degree from Northeastern University and a BA in business and psychology. Ms. Charek currently owns an FDA compliance company specializing in educational program development. Her passion however is coaching and supporting special persons through sports and physical activity, specifically with Sports For You, Inc.  


If you would like to mail a check instead of using our online donations, here is the information you need:

Sports For You, Inc.,
PO Box 464962,
Lawrenceville, GA  30042